(PP411) Building Leadership for Nursing Excellence in Wound, Ostomy and Continence Care: The CAET Leadership Program

  • Room: 517 a-c
  • Session Number: PP411
Tuesday, June 07, 2016: 3:10 PM - 4:10 PM
Contact Hours: 1


Catherine Harley RN, eMBA
Executive Director, CAET
Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy (CAET)


Canadian Tri-Specialty Nurses in wound, ostomy and continence care, Enterostomal Therapists, were often being de-valued in their role and in some cases were being replaced by lesser skilled healthcare professionals who cost organizations less. In June, 2015, the CAET launched a Leadership program to support Enterostomal Therapists in making their leadership visible. This one year, eight hours per week program was aligned with the “Leads in a Caring Environment” leadership framework to support the development of specialized nurse leaders within the healthcare system. A unique learning experience was developed and implemented through a:
  • Pre-Session:  Online self-assessments using the LEADS 360 assessment tool and the SDI ™ suite of tools;
  • Launch Weekend where Deliberate Shift Coaching Program© Learn coaching skills were used to deepen awareness of the individual’s leadership presence including leading self and engaging others;
  • Series of On-line Modules to learn from best practices, online sources and each other which included  Achieve Results ,Develop Coalitions, Systems Transformation, Leadership Challenge, and a System of Online Team work ;
  • Leadership Compass which was developed through an  Authentic Leadership Presence Document  which included being deliberate in leadership , being  intentional about how you show up as a leader and purposefully articulate your beliefs, values, attitudes and actions that allow you to be the leader you choose to be;
  • Process of Triad Work: Social learning is an important part of leadership development and participants learned from each other by being part of a learning triad sharing challenges and setting common goals;
  • System of Coaching Support where three one-on-one coaching sessions  to anchor learning into practice were provided by certified leadership coaches  for each individual;
  • Final Anchor session  to bring everything together by sharing learning and presenting the leadership challenge solutions.
A formal evaluation process will be conducted in July, 2016 after the completion of the first program. Based on informal feedback, we know that Enterostomal Therapy Nurses gained by broadening their perspectives in self-awareness and leadership styles and gained highly practical skills in areas such as project planning, giving constructive feedback, negotiation, coaching and dealing with conflict. This will give them the confidence to step up and speak out to be visible leaders. Their organizations will gain by improved organizational performance and results through stronger team leadership. Patients and families will gain by having contact with a nurse leader who identifies positions and integrates patient and family needs to achieve best care.


Learning Objectives

The participant will be able to:
1. Identify a method of developing the personal dimensions of an authentic leadership voice, as well as the organizational dimensions of leading change and shaping a performance-oriented culture.
2. Describe the development of a new leadership program for nurses specialized in wound, ostomy & continence care based on the "Leads in a Caring Environment" Leadership Framework.
3. Recognize the challenges and successes of launching this new CAET Leadership Program.

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