What’s Executive Coaching Through Ontological Coaching

When most people hear the word coach or coaching, the first thing that comes to mind is the high school soccer or basketball coach.

Well, there is more of a coach being a sports trainer. Coaching is the use of guidance and training by someone (usually a professional) to support and to help another person to achieve his or her desired goals.

Professional coaches guide their coached or learner from their current state to a better and desired position. To become a coach, you must have undergone some professional coach training to qualify for such a position.

The origin of coaching can be drawn back to Oxford University in 1830. It was formerly referred to a tutor who helped a student pass his classes all through to his exams.

That was were coaching had its first definition as helping people move from their present position to a better position where they want to be.

Types of Professional Coaching Available Today

There are several types of coaching certification around us. This includes:

● Career Coaching
Career guidance as it also called, is the type that deals with work and career. It guides people on the type of career they do and helps in career decision making. It is just like career counseling.

Executive coaching also falls under this category, in the guidance for a higher work position.

● Christian Coaching
This is the type that helps people through certain biblical beliefs. This is done by a professionally trained person. The coach here is not the pastors but can be in most condition if they are professionally qualified.

● Dating Coach
A trained professional that helps people achieve a successful and effective dating life. It guides them on finding the right partner for a relationship.

● Co-coaching
This is a type of coaching that occurs within peers. They work together to achieve a common goal and guide each other through the process.

● Financial Coaching
Most people find themselves in a messy situation when it comes to managing their incomes. Some spend in a careless manner. This brings about the employment of a financial coach or financial manager.

The job of the financial coach is to help their clients plan how they spend, draft investments with high yields and help them through the pass the struggle of being broke.

● Health Coaching
This type guides people in managing their health and wellness status. The professional gives advice on how to achieve and maintain a good and healthy life.

The coach introduces some special skills and personal experience on the journey to the wellness of his client. The fitness coach falls under this category as they help their clients achieve and maintain a fit body structure.

● Education Coaching
This is usually done by a school teacher, head teacher or the school’s guidance counselor. The coach helps students improve their academic skills to better and more effective skill.

They do this through proper communication and providing solutions to the students’ personal problem.

● Life Coaching
Life Coaching is the process of guiding people by helping them achieve better goals in professional and personal life.

This is done by developing a certain skill the clients possess in both their professional and personal life. The coach is usually a psychologist or therapist.

● Relationship Coach
The relationship coach guides his clients through a bad relationship or gives guidance on how to achieve and maintain one.

What Is Executive Coaching

Come to this big question, “What is Executive Coaching”? This involves the use of executive guidance by a professional coach to achieve the goals, awareness of high rated officials.

This is done for executives, but in most cases for prospective employees and executives attaining a higher position. They increase the level of expertise and increase their potentials.

An executive coach is not a random coach. An executive coach must have attained ontological coaching certification before he is being qualified as one.

An executive coach gives a step-by-step guide that helps you achieve higher professional and personal qualities in your job.

Benefits of Executive Coaching

The following are ways executive coaches are of benefits to people:

  • They increase their client’s empathy to others
  • They give you raise your level of self-awareness
  • They help increase the mental action to process more knowledge at work
  • They help develop more social skills
  • They motivate their clients when they need the inspiration to perform better at work

Relating to your surroundings and how it affects your job is one important part in achieving professional goals. It is the job of the executive coach Singapore to help you realize more than you think you know.